Dental Bridges

If you have a gap from a missing tooth a dental bridge may be the way for you to fill the space. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth supported by one tooth or both teeth either side of the gap. The two most common types of bridge are fixed bridges and bonded (Maryland) bridges.

For fixed bridges, the teeth either side of the gap are trimmed by your dentist. Then a mould of the teeth is taken and a dental technician constructs the bridge. Fixed bridges are constructed from a variety of materials ranging from porcelain with a metal centre for front teeth to full metal (gold) for the very back teeth.

Maryland bridges are bonded to the inside surface of the teeth either side of the gap. They have the advantage that the adjacent teeth don’t have to be trimmed as much as with a fixed bridge. Again they are constructed of porcelain with metal ‘wings’ where they bond to the inside of the adjacent teeth.

Other ways of filling missing tooth gaps are with dental implants and partial dentures.


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